Civil War: A Tribute to the men who served in the 149th OVI.

This page is a work in progress and is dedicated to Ohio National Guard units, that where activated under order of the govenor of the state of Ohio became known as the 149th Ohio Volunteer Infantry -National Guard or Hundred Day's Men. They were called this because they were only supposed to be activated for 100 days.
I had three relatives that were in the 149th OVI and this is dedicated to them:
My great-great grandfather: Jefferson Trenary, G Co., 149th OVI.
His brother: Samuel A. Trenary, G Co., 149th OVI.
And their cousin: Samuel G. Trenary, G Co., 149th OVI.
I also had other relatives in the Civil War:
Their cousin Thomas L. Trenary, I Co., 18th Indiana Infantry Regiment, who was wounded at the Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas, Mar 6-8, 1862 and died of his wounds at Jefferson Barracks, Missouri.
Their cousin Thomas B. Trenary, D Co., 48th OVI. Thomas died of disease on Monday, Apr 7, 1862 at the Battle
of Shiloh.
Their cousin Samuel N. Trenary., F Co., 104th Illinois Infantry Regiment, who died in Chattanoga from wounds sustained in the Battle of Mission Ridge on Dec 5, 1863.